Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

Stay Connected This Summer

Most Awana clubs and weekly children’s ministries take a break for the summer. Sadly, in all to many cases, this means that contact is lost with the children until the fall. Especially if the children do not attend your church on a regular basis.

We do need to be aware of child protection policies and making sure that we are having appropriate contact with the child. One of the best kept secrets is that for T&T children, Awana does provide a tool to use to keep the clubbers engaged during the summer.

It is called “BrainCheck” and it is a devotional type publication designed for the child to do a lesson (or devotional) each week. You can either send it to them at the beginning of each month, or if you have the proper software, you could send the appropriate one for the week to try to keep them engaged.

If you are not aware of the monthly newsletter that Awana produces called KidsPrint, then I encourage you to take a look at that as well. That is a monthly production that is continued through the summer and can also help you maintain contact with the clubbers.

You can find these resources in the A.R.T. area of the Awana web site (you need to sign up for it) and the membership and download is free.

So share with us how you stay connected with your clubbers through the summer…



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