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Storing Sparks and T&T Awards

Have you been wondering how to store the patches for the T&T 5th & 6th graders? Last night I decided to put the patches in an organizer where each patch has it’s own compartment.  Now the secret is to find the right organizer.

Here is a picture of the organizer with the patches. There are (5) patches in each compartment and they can easily hold more. There is also room to hold some of the T&T Trading cards (okay, I know, it’s an old set of trading cards), but it will only hold a few of them.

The organizer is opened above and closed below
(I know you could figure that out on your own)
The organizer used is a Plano # 3750 Stowaway

Plano 2-3750-00 Large Utility Box (Click Link to order from Amazon)
Also available at Walmart in the Fishing dept. (it may have red latches)
  • Removable Dividers Allow For 4-28 Adjustable Compartments
  • Built–in Handle
  • 14″L x 9.25″W x 2″H

I use the same organizer for the Sparks & T&T Ultimate Adventure awards as it holds the patches, wings, jewels and review patch as well as the Streamwood Badges and bones. The sections can be adjusted some to offer various compartment combinations. It is very convenient and easy to store.

If you have any questions about it, please feel free to contact me!

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  1. I keep ours in a zip loc bag along with a sheet of that sticky stuff. We then put the clubbers name on it. That gives them an entire set of the patches for their choosing. As they earn a new one, we pull out their bag and let them chose. So far, it’s working out ok.

    1. Yep, different clubs do different things. That’s why it’s good to see what others do and find something that works for your club.

      I don’t specify what patch the clubbers get, they can get all of the same patch if they want, though no one has yet. I could precut the badge magic to match the patches, but I haven’t done that yet. Maybe some day 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and sharing what you do.

  2. I use this also but got mine from walmart craft dept. comes in a black bag that can zip up. I store all cubbies, sparks, T&T, & older T&T’s. Its very time saving. I just pick up the container and go to present to the appropiate classes.

  3. Hi, I had a question
    Do you know what the different UC emblems are supposed to represent? Like the “falling rocks”?

    1. I am not aware of what the patches may represent, if anything. That is a question I may ask my contacts at Awana. I had not considered that they may represent something specific.

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