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Take a Break!

Last night I did something that I haven’t done for a long time.

So often in ministry, we are busy serving, or wondering how things are going back in the “kids area”. Even when I’ve been away from the church, I am contemplating how things are going in my absence. As I visit other churches I snoop around and see how they do things and how I might be able to tweak our ministry. It seems I am almost always thinking about ministry in one form or another.

Last night was different. I attended a service at my previous church. I knew the guest speaker and I was hearing good things about the services and how God was moving so I opted to attend. It was a wonderful time of refreshing as I sat there and didn’t analyze their ministry compared to mine. I could focus on the Word being spoken and embracing the worship.

Yes, I did stroll down the newly remodeled children’s wing to see how things were, but overall, I was able to relax in a church service and enjoy God’s presence.

When was the last time you did that, just sat in a service and could focus on God. If it has been a while, as it had been for me, then I encourage you to do it. If you are not being filled and resting in Him, you will not have anything to give to others.

So I give you permission, Take a Break!

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