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Take Home Papers vs Paper Airplanes

I have to be honest. I really dislike using activity sheets in children’s ministry. Inevitably, they always become paper airplanes, doodle pads, or left behind, yet that seems to be the main way that we try to convey to the parents what was taught during that time. Can you relate? There has to be a better way.

At the 2016 CMConference hosted by CMConnect, I attended a breakout led by Jeffrey Reed of Lifeway entitled: 30 Seconds

He offered a lot of great tips for connecting with parents in the 30 seconds that you have when they pick up their children. I plan to implement a few things for my Sunday morning class to try to engage parents better. Instead of listing things here, I encourage you to listen to a podcast that he did on the topic. I hope you learn ways to engage your parents in that 30 seconds as well.



Podcast from Lifeway

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