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Taking a Look Back

rear_view_mirrorAs the Awana, and ministry, year come to a close, it is time to take a peek in the rear view mirror and look at the road you just traveled.

For me, it was an interesting year as I was in transition, and still am, without a club of my own. My wife and I began to help short-term in a club and have stayed until the club year ended.

As I look in the rear view mirror, one thing stands out in my mind. The first night we attended, some leaders began to identify the “trouble” kids. I was not involved in handbook time with the children, so I worked with my wife to come up with a strategy to try to reach the child they said was “the most trouble”, who didn’t want to do anything.

In a few weeks, the child passed a section, which they hadn’t done for a while. Everyone was surprised and pleased. A few weeks ago, this child, who didn’t participate in the motions to songs sung during large group time, volunteered to go up front and lead motions. Everyone has seen a difference in this child. I wonder how this child’s year would have been if we hadn’t been intentional to reach out to them and leaders kept viewing them as “trouble”?

As you look in your rear view mirror, what do you see? How did God you use during this past ministry year?

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