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The Aetherlight Give-Away

(This giveaway has ended)

Last week I reviewed The Aetherlight and posted a review by one of the youth I know who began playing the game. I mentioned that I wanted to give a game away so someone could enjoy it and see for themselves. I purchased the recruiter package and I am going to give away one access key for episodes 1 & 2.

To enter for a chance to win you need to answer one simple question. The answer to the question can be found on The Aetherlight website. Here is what you need to do to enter (one entry per person):

  • scene04Go to The Aetherlight website and find the answer to the question:
    Who leaves Evercity following the riots?
  • After you have the answer, send me the answer by going to the contact page, completing the form, giving the answer in the comment section

All correct answers received will be placed in a hat, 5-gallon bucket, or something. The winner will be drawn at random on Tuesday evening, February 23, 2016, at about 8 pm EST. The winner will be contacted by e-mail.

And we have a winner! All of the entries with the correct answer were placed in a box, shaken and a winner selected. The answer to the question was The Great  Engineer and the winner was Elaine R.


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