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The Clock is Ticking

The last Wednesday of April is upon us. For some clubs it may be their last night of a “regular” club night. For others, they have a few weeks to go. But all are preparing for the end of the Awana year (and some have already ended).

Yes, the clock is ticking, not only on the Awana year, but on the time we have to reach others with the Gospel. Some are predicting the end of the world as we know it this year or next. It seems we are always looking for that deadline, but let me suggest that ministry never ends!

The weekly meeting for Awana may end, and if you view your service over for a season, shame on you! Will you now ignore the children from Awana when you see them on Sunday mornings? Will you stop praying for them? I sure hope not.

You’ve spent the year building those relationships, don’t destroy them now just because the Awana year is over.

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  1. I agree. Its a year round thing, the time obligation slows to a crawl for the summer, but you are still ministering to the kids by praying for them and recognizing them at church.

    To be recognized by someone older is a big plus in many kid’s heads, they feel special.

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