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The New T&T FAQs

As I have traveled to conferences, interacted online, and spoken to people in various mediums, I have found some questions that are frequently asked about the new program. These FAQs are in addition to the list that Awana has provided at These are listed in no particular order. One must also keep in mind that these are generic answers. Each club may be slightly different in how they run their Awana club.


Mission Grace in Action is the 3rd Grade Book (or the book a new clubber starts using)

The new T&T books are not sequential, they are complimentary. That means that you do not have to do one book before another. With the former T&T, a clubber received Ultimate Adventure 1 before Ultimate Adventure 2. The new handbooks are not numbered. They are used in a rotational method similar to the Cubbie, Trek, and Journey materials. In the Awana catalog, the book for that year is noted (i.e. Evidence of Grace is noted as the book for 2017-18)


If a clubber did the Start Zone last year with Mission: Grace in Action, do they need to repeat it again this year with the Evidence of Grace book?

Yes. A full year of work is 32 lessons. There are (2) in the Start Zone and (30) in the handbooks for a total of 32. The Start Zone sections count toward the handbook awards and patches.


Do the Sections need to be done in order?

In the former material, clubbers could not move ahead until they passed the previous section. The new T&T has all clubbers studying the same section each week. The child should skip the section for the week they missed and work on the section the rest of the club is working on. If a child desires to earn  handbook award, then they need to complete the units skipped.

Handbook patches are awarded for every (4) sections completed (including the Start Zone). They do not have to be consecutive. A clubber can complete the (2) Start Zone sections, Unit 1.2 and unit 1.5 and earn a patch since they completed (4) sections.


Do I need to have each small group in a separate room?

No. Each small group should have its own leader and they can sit around tables, or together as a group somehow, to discuss the lesson. You can have multiple small groups meeting in the same room.


I don’t have enough time for small group time. What should I do?

You will never have enough time for small group time. There will be times when you have a great discussion going. Other times when you are working on verses. I would venture to say that if you ever have time left over in your small group time, then you are missing something. Plan your time well, but expect to run out of time. It does not mean that you are doing something wrong.


These are just some of the questions I have heard. What questions do you have about the new T&T material?


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  1. On our schedule, we have about 15 minutes after Opening before Game Time. We use this time for the girls to do some catching up on sections that they missed other weeks. We are a small group (6-9 girls) so we have a small group lesson/discussion after Games. We then all work together on the memory verse. Seems to work fairly well. I try to put girls together in catch-up groups depending on which lesson they are making up

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