Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

‘Tis the Season…

Yes, it is the holiday season, the season where we focus on others. Buying gifts, sending cards, letting people know that they mean something to us. The question becomes, what message will we send?

I had a discussion recently with some people and I shared that I’d rather receive a card with a personal note in it then just a “stock” card with a signature. The likely hood of me keeping a card with a personal note is very high – a “stock” most likely will be recycled. Especially at Christmas. A “stock” card with a signature is impersonal and they may have just gone through the church directory and written a card for everyone. They may not even know me. A personal note tells me that they are willing to take a few minutes of their day to share how they feel. That speaks volumes to me.

So how will you show love to your clubbers this season? Will it be a “stock” showing of love to your clubbers, or will you personalize it and show them that they are important to you.And what about after the holidays? Will you continue to show them that you care, not just while they are at club, but always?

Please share with us some of he  ways you show your clubbers that you care about them, that their lives are important to you, their whole life, not just while they are at church.

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