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Tweetable Leadership Review


20151127_064154In today’s culture, everyone is looking for the sound byte, that 144 character quotable phrase. Some people work hard to come up with that quotable, that phrase. For others, it is just common conversation. For Jim Wideman, these memorable phrases seem to come natural because it is a part of who Jim is. Jim has served in Children’s ministry for several decades and has a lot of wisdom from his experiences. He has helped many in children’s ministry to reach higher, to improve their ministry by learning to focus on God and God’s path for their life.

Over the years Jim has share his wisdom via twitter in small portions. Like you, if you looked back over all of the tweets, Facebook posts, etc that you have shared, it would be staggering to see the wisdom that has been shared. But how can so much wisdom spread out over years be useful? What Jim has done has been to take that wealth of knowledge spread across the years and gathered it into one place. The book is not just a collection of pithy wisdom. There are several tweets, or tweetable comments, but then at the end of each chapter Jim expounds on the general topic to provide more insight and practical application. The book is a good read as the short tweets get you thinking about your ministry and then he “brings it home” to encourage you in your next steps in your ministry.

This book is a great book for any ministry leader to have on their shelf. You can even take some of the tweets, put them on post-it notes or index cards and put them around for you to see as a reminder and encouragement.

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