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Using Facebook with the New T&T

Communication… it is something that many struggle to do well. With the new format of T&T, how can we help parents know what their child should be working on during the week? I want to share a couple of things that I am doing to help parents in our club help their child through the week.

First, I use social media. The Awana Club where I serve has a Facebook page and each week,  I develop a graphic to help parents know what their child should be studying along with how they can help the discussion. Below is the graphic I used for Unit 1.2 of the Evidence of Grace book:

As you can see, I put the main theme of the lesson, the unit to be studied (Explore Section), the verse to be memorized, and a talking point for the parent.

I know you are asking, what about the parent/guardians who are not on Facebook? For the people not on Facebook, they have the option to ask for an e-mail to be sent. In that e-mail, I provide a brief description of what the child should be working on and attach a copy of the parent page pdf (supplied by Awana on the resource bundle page).

It is early in the year and so I cannot gauge the full impact, or know who is actually benefiting by providing this information, but I can rest knowing that I am doing what I can to assist parents to help them teach their children the things of God.

What are some things that you are doing to with the new T&T material to help parents engage their children with the things of God?

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  1. Can you share a template for this? I’d love to use on our church website.

    1. Here is a link to the base image that I use for the weekly Facebook reminders. I use a graphics program to make/edit the image.

      An option would be to use the PPT slide border as a template if you do not have a graphics program.

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