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Using Technology in Ministry

Yes, I like technology but I am not one who has to have the latest and greatest gadget. No, I did not stand in line waiting for the iPad2 (although I would really like to have one  – more on that later), or the iPhone, or any of the other gadgets available. Two years ago I would have told you that I just want my phone to be a phone, but then I got an smart phone and I was sold on all it could do to help me stay in touch for ministry.

People have commented that I am on FaceBook all of the time, and while I may be, part of that is so members of the church can communicate with me easily during the day. I have been able to answer questions quickly and easily using FaceBook chat. The window is not always open in the forefront, but the chat sound notifies me of a potential chat request.

Texting with my phone has also been a great asset in ministry. But what if you had an app where you could more easily share the gospel with someone? An interactive tool to reach others where they are in this technological age? That time is coming soon!

Awana is excited to provide you with a tool that helps you share the gospel with others. Awana is all about evangelism, and that is why they’ve created an app to help you communicate your faith.

This versatile app includes three different versions so you can modify the gospel presentation for adults, teens or children. So no matter who you’re talking to, you’ll always know just what to say.

Are you interested? You can view a trailer of how the app will appear and function clicking on the image below:

After you view the trailer, leave a comment and let me know what you think. I’m told that the app should be available around the end of April 2011

About the iPad2 mentioned earlier….. please click here…..


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