Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

We Have A Visitor!!! Now What?

hold-door-openThe handbooks have a bring a friend section and you’re always encouraging your clubbers to bring friends. But what do you do when they come?

Do you interrogate them like a “prisoner” to try to gather information? Do you put them in isolation, away from the friend who brought them? Do you let them get lost in the busyness of the night?

Do you only “accept” children with good manners, or that know how to “behave in church”? How do you receive “community” kids?

How do you follow up with them? Do you send post cards? make a phone call? send an e-mail? Do nothing and hope they come back next week?

Awana should be warm and welcoming to children. Make them feel welcome and let them know you appreciate them visiting. Be prepared for the atheist, agnostic, and even someone with different beliefs. Don’t prepare your lessons just for the “church” kids. Be prepared for all who may come and show the love of God to them.

How do you handle visitors? How do you follow up with them?

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