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We’re off on an Ultimate Adventure

It’s Here!!!!

Shuttle_launchThe week the “new” Awana launches.

Yes, you could say that we’re off on an ultimate adventure.

There are many new initiatives in the works that we will learn about in the coming weeks and months.

The web site being revealed this week is just the beginning.

Phase 2 will follow with more content added to the website, though I have not confirmed a timetable for that.

There will be a new way to be a part of what God is doing internationally. A mere $10 US can have an incredible impact on a child internationally.

The new ministries team will be unveiling something on July 7th (source).

Catch phrases that I have been using (these are not from Awana) are things like:

  • Awana, it’s not just club anymore
  • The “new” Awana

Awana has said that the base question has been changed from “How can we have more clubs?” to “How can we reach more kids?”

I am truly interested in hearing your thoughts about this new re-branding/repositioning that Awana is launching this week. If you could ask Awana one question about this, what would it be?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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  1. How will these changes impact the role of Awana missionaries in the U.S.?

    1. The role of the Awana missionary in the U.S. continually changes.

      Missionaries in the U.S. will be focused on how to reach more children, while still supporting the local church/club as they always have.

      I have tried to reach out to some missionaries to see how this impacts them. While I haven’t heard specifically, it comes down to how the missionary accepts any changes and conveys them to their team.

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