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What did God do in 2014?


Another year is coming to a close. A time for reflection for many. Some will list their most popular posts, I like to look back at the year and see what God has done. As I look back at what God did in the previous year, I can enter the new year with a greater expectation of what He will do in the new year. Please allow me time to reflect and join me as I thank God for how He worked in my life, even in times I may not have seen Him.


I don’t think I will ever forget the phone call I received in January. It was a phone call that shook my world. The next few days, weeks, were difficult, but through it I got a new insight into how God must feel at times. Through a difficult time, I got a closer glimpse of God.

It was a year of transition as I had left my position in the church in the fall of 2013. I was seeking where God would have me serve next. He opened an Awana club where I could serve, and in April, I committed to partnering with a church close to where I live. God had prepared the way for me. There were positions opening up in this church that I was not aware of, so as I approached leadership in this church for opportunities to serve, God was answering their prayers, and mine, allowing me to fill those positions. All in His timing. As people stepped down, I was there, just in time, to fill the role.

In April, God made a way for me to visit Awana Headquarters. It is always energizing being around those involved in Awana and seeing their passion to reach children and youth for God.

In the summer, I got to teach children about Jesus with the assistance of a gorilla!

In the fall God allowed me to lead workshops at three different conferences and I was booked to lead workshops at a conference in the summer of 2015.

God provided a way for me to minimize my debt and my “slavery” to the banks. Though I still have debt to eliminate, God has placed me in a better place to handle it, and a path to be debt-free (if I stay on the path).

God provided a way for me to attend CPC in January 2015. A conference I have long wanted to attend but have been unable to accommodate. I have also been presented with an opportunity to attend a second national conference in the spring, that I hope can be finalized. I have seen God providing the resources needed to attend CPC and I’m learning to trust Him more.

Finally, on Thanksgiving weekend, God blessed my daughter with her first child, my first grandchild.

This is not a comprehensive list of what God has done, just a glimpse. He has been by my side, with me, through out the year, even when I may not have realized it.

If we believe that God is real and cares for us, then we should see Him working in our lives, as I have this past year.

Is God active in your life?

What has God done in 2014?


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