Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

What if I Fail?


As we enter a new ministry year, I find myself in a new volunteer position in a “new” church. Being known as “Commander Bill”, there are expectations placed on me, if not by others, by my perception of what others expect, and I often wonder if I can live up to those expectations. I see other Awana Commanders, Children’s Pastors, Children’s ministry leaders, etc that do so much and have such skills and imagination, I can only think that I’m not worthy. notworthyWho am I? I’m just an average guy that has a passion to reach kids for Christ.

I remember when I played basketball in high school. Before each game, you would always look at your opponent and look at their size, their skills, etc and think that you can’t compete. But you play and do the best you can. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

It’s like that in ministry. Sometimes the obstacles seem insurmountable, but in faith you continue. Sometimes things you do are successful, sometimes, they are not.

You may be entering this new ministry season with trepidation. Will the kids accept me? Will I be able to lead? Will God be able to use me?

Let those fears subside. Trust God to bring you through. As you trust Him, you will see Him do amazing things, reaching kids in ways you never imagined. How can I say this? I’ve experienced it. It has been in my weakest, when I did not think I was having an impact on a child’s life, that God allows me to see an impact, a life change that has occurred simply because I cared and followed God’s leading.

We cannot let fear keep us from doing what God would have us do. God will take away that fear. Focus on Him, focus on the kids, and as you look in the “rear view mirror”, you will see how God has used you in times you felt unworthy.

Let’s enter this new ministry season excited, anticipating the great things that God will do!

How about you? Are you excited?




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