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When a Groove Becomes a Rut

There is a question I have learned to like, that many parents and leaders in children’s ministry may dislike. That question? ……….  WHY?


….. do you do what you do?
….. have Vacation Bible School?
….. have Sunday School?
….. does attendance to midweek children’s ministry drop so drastically during the summer?
….. do we stop, or minimize summer ministries?
….. hold theme nights?
….. share the Gospel?
….. have Awana?
and the list could go on and on.

Some things are done from tradition, so from the dreaded “we’ve always done it that way” or “we’ve always had that” and some because “churches are supposed to do that” mindset.

What would happen if one year your church did not have VBS? Would people notice? Would they say anything? If you did not hold it and no one, or very few, questioned it, is it worth continuing?

I was at a training at Awana HQ and someone mentioned that as they searched for a new children’s pastor that Awana was “non-negotiable”. My immediate response was that I would not have accepted the call if I was a candidate for the position. Yes, Awana is a solid, premier ministry when run properly, but to say it (or any ministry/program) is non-negotiable tells me that you will never be able to change anything. People there are entrenched in what they do and will be resistant to any change. It also says that they believe the God can ONLY use Awana (or whatever ministry) and that God cannot use anything else.

Sometimes people get in a groove and that groove becomes a rut that is uninspired and difficult to get out of. I’m not saying that consisitency is bad, but don’t be afraid to evaluate and ask “WHY?” – then to act upon your answer.


Updated: May 26, 2011 — 8:30 am

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