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Who Are You Trying To Reach?

While driving to work, or wherever I’m going, I generally listen to the local “Christian” radio station. I am fascinated by churches that advertise their services and special events on the “Christian” station. Sometimes I wonder if they are trying to reach the lost, or trying to get “Christians” to attend their services/events. Are they trying to get people from other churches to attend their church? I often wonder why they don’t advertise on other “non-Christian” stations.

I do understand that by advertising on any station, it can be seen as supporting that station and their programming. I understand that from the business perspective that you want a return on your advertising dollars. I can’t help but wonder though that if we never reach out to the lost, how will we reach them?

So who is your ministry reaching? Is it inclusive and seeks only the good “church” kids? Do you refer to the children as “our kids” and the “community kids”, or “bus kids”, or “their kids”?

As you go through the summer, consider who you will be reaching out to as you begin to promote your ministry for the fall, and have the people in place to minister effectively to them.

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