Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

Will Your Leaders Return?

The end of the Awana year is fast approaching and this is the time of year that Commanders and Directors get nervous wondering if their volunteer staff will return the following fall, or will they disappear over the summer?

Unfortunately, if you’re a commander or director and you are thinking about this now, it may be too late.

You don’t have to “twist people’s arms” – Here are general things to do throughout the year (not including the obvious pray for them) to help retain your leadership:

  • C

    Communicate with them – have a open line of verbal communication. Let them know they can come to you, and talk to them about how things are going

  • A

    Appreciate them – a handwritten note, a card, a small gift, a honest, verbal “thank you” are invaluable

  • R

    Respect them – listen to their input, if you respect and value them, you will value their input. Give them time off if they need it without making them feel guilty for missing the night

  • E

    Encourage them – Just like you can get discouraged serving, so can they. Encourage them by sharing how you see God using them to reach the children

So yes, as you may have noticed, show them that you care! If you care about them, are there to serve them and let them see how God is using them and moving in the ministry; then they are more likely to stay where they are appreciated and where they see God moving.


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