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Wisdom from the Fire Pit: Vision


Sometimes it can be difficult to get the fire going. It takes just the right amount of kindling, a spark, then to catch the wood, the main fuel on fire. But once the fire is going, it is refreshing. We can sit back and enjoy the flame and the heat of the fire.

FB_IMG_1437870886660As I sit by the fire, I enjoy watching the flame dance in the night. If I sit back and do nothing, then the flame will die out fairly quickly. I must care for the fire to keep the flame and depending on the type of wood I use, the flame can either grow fast and burn out fast, or build and burn for a longer time.

It can be like that when we try to cast a vision for our ministry. It can take time to get the vision going, to share it with others, and have it “catch on”. Once people have embraced the vision, and the flame has started, it can be our tendency to sit back and watch the flame burn. As the flame burns, it begins to spread to other pieces of wood, just like when people catch the vision, they should share with others and beginning to spread the vision.

When we see the vision spreading and growing, we cannot sit and watch it for long or it will begin to fade, or even go out.

We must also be careful that it does not become a wild fire, that it spreads outside of the fire pit. Once you lose control of the fire, vision, then it loses its purpose and can become destructive. It can be very difficult to get the fire, the vision, focused and back under control if we let it go wild.

Once the flame begins to fade, when we lose sight of the vision, it can take time to grow the flame, the vision, again. You want to keep adding fuel to the fire, keep sharing the vision so the flame does not go out. Never lose sight of the vision God has given to you and keep sharing it, spreading it to others. People will be drawn to the flame, to what God is doing through your ministry.

What are some ways that you “fan the flame”, or add fuel to the fire

How do you keep it from becoming a “wildfire”?


How do you keep your vision alive?


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