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Your Greatest Awana Resource…

… is your Awana missionary! They are knowledgeable of what Awana is doing, as they attend frequent trainings at HQ, and they understand various club situations.

They are there to support you, but with over 100 clubs, and often close to or more than 200 clubs to care for in their regions, they are not able to visit every club every year. With the help of volunteer ministry team members, they do attempt to make a personal contact with each church/commander several times a year.

The one thing that most people do not know is that Awana missionaries are 100% faith supported. The rely completely on the gifts of people to maintain their income AND their ministry to Awana clubs (including introducing Awana to new churches) in their region. They do not receive a percentage, or commission, on items purchased from the catalog, they rely solely on the gifts of people.

Do you want to know more about your missionary, or about how to support them financially and in prayer?

I encourage you to visit the new pages provided by Awana to help you learn about your missionary (or any missionary) and also how you can support them by sending a gift on-line.

Please support your misionaries. Generally if all churches in their region gave about $25/month (or $300/year), then missionaries would be fully supported. Unfortunatley, many missionaries are underfunded. Won’t you support a missionary today?

Click here to learn about Awana Missionaries and how to support them…

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  1. In the past we would give our missionary a contribution occasionally, a love offering you may call it. It really wasn’t until I was serving on his ministry team that ‘really’ saw the need to support him and his family. I requested an additional $1200 for our Awana yearly budget, it WAS approved and now he gets a $100 a month regularly. This way you don’t forget to send a contribution if you make it a monthly payment. Even a monthly gift of $50 or $25 would be a great help.

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