Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

For God so loved the world…

We all probably know where that verse is found and can recite it word for word. It is even the first verse that Sparks learn in the Flight 3:16 entrance booklet. But sometimes I wonder if we always look at the entire verse? or do we just focus on parts of it?

Awana even works to help children understand part of the verse with the In Flight DVD (NOTE: Currently 50% off for Christmas). The first video has them learning what “whosoever” means as a younger child comes along that they try to avoid until they welcome them in and realize that she is “whosoever”.

Today I want to focus on the first part, “For God so loved the world…” Jesus came for everyone, not just those in our immediate neighborhood, not just for us. It can be difficult to have a young child understand about people from far away, but during this season of giving, Awana International is giving a special opportunity for children (and families) to share the love of God with the world. Watch this brief video for more information…

The ornaments are an easy way to help the children in your club share God’s love with other children around the world and help them to understand that God loved the world (and who that includes). Below are pictures of what the ornaments look like:

As you talk about the ornaments, you can show pictures of children receiving the ornaments this past year. For more information about the ornament campaign and how to participate, or donate, visit the Awana International Web Site.

My prayer is that many will join this campaign and reach several children around the world.

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