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A Moment to Say Thank you

Some have called the last two weeks “The Shameless Self Promotion Tour” for children’s ministry blogs with the Kid’s Ministry Blog Madness Tournament which is now in its final week with a champion being selected from the Final Four.

As I posted before, I really do have trouble “shamelessly self-promoting” the blog, site and it’s resources because I am not looking for any special attention for myself. While some have said I was “buying votes”, I wanted to do something with this blog contest besides promote myself and so I offered to donate to Awana International for votes I received. Having limited resources, I had planned to do something in the Final Four round if I made it that far, but as last week progressed, I realized that another blog in the regional would pull out the “win” (which they ultimately did) and so in the Sweet Sixteen round I noted that I would give $1 for every vote over 200 in that round. If it helped me make it to the final round, then more money would have been donated, and if it didn’t, then hopefully I was able to use this to raise some awareness for Awana International and help support them some from this fun contest. Some promoted the donation, others helped garner support for my blog without knowing that. I am thankful for both. As a result of the efforts made to garner support and votes for the blog in this contest, I received a total of 358 votes in the second round. That was the fourth highest of all 16 blogs in the round. While on Friday night and Saturday, others were “working their campaigns”, I was holding an event for my T&T’ers Friday night and serving regionally at a Trek/Journey event all day Saturday. I am glad I was serving during that time and do not regret “giving up” that time to rally my supporters. While it may have garnered more support and more funds for Awana International, in the end, I met needs on a personal level which I will always cherish.

As a result of your support for this blog in that contest, today, I am going on-line to make a donation of $200 to Awana International to use where it is most needed which will help reach approximately 32 children with the Gospel of Jesus. Thank you for your support and encouragement through this contest and I encourage you to support the work of Awana International and also your local Awana missionary. They need your support now more than ever to reach children so they can come to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus.

Thank you.

You can give on-line to your local missionary, Awana International and other Awana areas by clicking here….

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