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A New Month, A New Beginning…

As I mentioned before, I have taken a look at and as we begin July, I will be making a change in the frequency of the posts/articles on the blog and site.

Instead of striving to make a post every day, I will make posts Monday, Wednesday and Friday with possibly a few extras. This will allow me to focus better on all of the various things I have going on.

I thank you for your understanding and support of I am truly humbled and amazed by the impact and reach “Commander Bill” has had over the years.

What to watch for next week….

A review of the Awana Catalog

A review of the Movie Courageous

and more….

Updated: July 1, 2011 — 7:43 am

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  1. I don’t set any expectation for when I will blog, nor do I have any expectation on blogs I read. I follow many, so I just enjoy when I see that a friend or respected writer/thinker has posted. I wouldn’t set any schedule or expectation. When you have something to write about – write. When you don’t, don’t. Let the blog serve you, you don’t serve the blog. Be free of any duty or obligation to your blog. It’s liberating! Just my 2 cents. (from someone who has been blogging since before there were blogs) LOL

    1. Thank you for those words of wisdom Karl. I’m learning a lot from the blog and the stats from it and my web site.

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