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This past Sunday at the church I attend, the praise team shared about how one song had impacted their lives and the special meaning that it had for them. That song was “The Heart of Worship”, you can listen to it below…

We focus on the perfect worship service with all of the trimmings, ministry areas with all of the bright colors and latest technology, and all of the “things” we believe are required for worship and for life. But when all is stripped away, what really matters? It’s not the things we have, but where our heart is.

As they shared, my thoughts quickly shifted to where I am in life and a correlation there that I want to pass along…

As children, we are receivers, we are given presents for Easter, Christmas, our birthdays and awards for completing certain tasks. In Awana and other children’s ministries, it is the award system that is in place to motivate and encourage the children. As we get older, we still seek to receive things and we can become materialistic. The focus is on receiving, getting things for ourselves (just look at the lines to get an iPhone, iPad, etc…) whether given to us by someone else, or we get it for ourselves.

With the sudden passing of my parents, as the family looks at what to do with their possessions and some debate begins about who gets what, how things should be handled, etc (there is not a lot of conflict, but there is some which I guess is to be expected since we are human) – I can’t help but wonder what really matters when all is stripped away. The “things” are not important, but the people who possessed them were. When all is stripped away, the material things really do not matter to me, what matters is the unity of the family and where they stand with God.

As part of the family of God, believers in Christ Jesus, shouldn’t that be our focus? Reaching others and the unity of the Body of Christ? In the early church in Acts, they sold their possessions to help one another. Some would call this socialism, but it’s not. I believe that they had realized that the material things held no real importance and it was more beneficial to use those things, or funds from those things, for the Kingdom. They were stripping things away and getting to the heart of worship, and following Jesus.

That’s where I’m at, I am not worried about material things, I just want to help others. I’m not saying to give up everything, there are things we need to live and for ministry, but don’t let that be your focus. In Matthew 25:31-46, we see that Jesus says when we did these to the “least of these”, we did it to Jesus. When we strip things away and see the need to reach people, the least of these, then we are following the example Jesus gave us, and showing His love in our hearts – the heart of worship. We need to give people a chance to hear the Gospel. Please watch the following video…

It is time to make a decision. You know your heart.

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It’s your decision, what will you do?

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