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A review of the NEW Sparky Shines His Light App

Yesterday I downloaded the new app from Awana, to my tablet (Motorola Xoom), which takes the hard copy book “Sparky Shines His Light” and makes it an app for iOS and Droid devices.

On the surface it may look like just another e-book with the pages transferred to a digital format to scroll through, but it is more than that. The book has the text in both English and Spanish to reach a larger audience and has two separate ways to read it. A read it to me – where only the text appears on the pages, a “normal type book” – and a read to me version where the app reads the story to the child as the pages are “turned”. These options are available in both English and Spanish.

Another feature is the interactive nature of the book. The child can move a bowl back and forth across a table, light Sparky’s tail, send hot air balloons off into the sky and more. There are also interesting facts hidden on the pages that a tap in certain places will bring to the forefront to see.

I am pleased that Awana did not produce just an electronic copy of the book, but that they also added these extra features and that Awana is embracing technology to reach children for Jesus. It is not just an app for “Awana children”, but for any child and the app also provides info for what Awana is all about. You will definitely get your money’s worth out of this app.

Check out the trailer produced by Awana about this app.

Info available on the Awana website

After viewing the trailer, or the app itself, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about this new app from Awana.

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