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Awana at Home Parent Kit Review

Awana at Home Parent KitI received my order which included the Awana at Home Parent Kit. I was not planning on ordering a copy because I have been reluctant to continue to follow the Awana at Home materials because I have been disappointed with what I have seen to this point. Unlike most, my original introduction to what Awana at Home has become was many years ago at the Vision Conference for what was the Rorheim Institute. At that time I was very excited about what was envisioned, but I soon realized that the vision was not taking place the way I thought it might. I became skeptical that Awana would develop a quality resource and I didn’t know if I wanted to take a chance ordering yet another product that I thought might disappoint.

I have to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised! The magazine enclosed explains the concept behind the Awana at Home Parent Kit and includes the basics for an Awana at Home night for 24 nights, which would be 24 weeks if planned once a week. Included is also a tracking chart so families and the church’s Awana at Home Director can track them as they go through the 24 lessons. This provides a level of accountability as well since there would be an “outsider” checking to see if the family is continuing with this family time. The “lesson” for each of the 24 weeks is an episode of Adventures in Odyssey and the magazine contains discussion guides for each lesson and a take-away.

The intro CD included does an excellent job of explaining the Awana at Home concept as well as letting parents know about the various products and resources available from Awana to help disciple their children.

I am very pleased with what I have seen with the Awana at Home Parent kit. It approaches parents in a “non-threatening” way and explains how they can use it in their unique family setting (no two families are identical) and provides tools to help them with the night.

If you have families in your church, or wherever, that are seeking for a quality resource to help them raise their children to know, love and serve Jesus , then I encourage you to share this resource with them.

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Updated: October 30, 2009 — 10:22 am

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