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All Hope is Gone


Saturday, the day between when Jesus died and when He rose again. A day with no hope.

Jesus was Emmanuel, God with us, and now…. now He is gone. The One who would be our Redeemer had been killed by the opposition. Imagine how the disciples and followers of Jesus must have felt. Most, if not all, did not understand that He would rise again the next day. They had no hope, for their leader was gone.

Secured behind a large stone in a grave, there was no apparent hope.

Maybe that is how you are feeling today, like all hope is gone. You’ve forgotten the teaching, the Words of Jesus when He says He will overcome. I had a 4th grade boy ask me just this week where I get my hope from, and my immediate answer was God! He gives us hope to face tomorrow!

Don’t keep Jesus buried behind the stone, He’s ALIVE! and there is hope to face tomorrow!


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