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Awana Launch – Possible Clue?

You may have heard about Awana launching something on April 30th and that I will be there as Awana shares this vision. I am excited to be able to be there for a behind the scenes look as they share with their staff. There is some speculation as to what will be announced, but one must remember that at the heart of Awana has always been the Gospel.

The prayer of Awana is that ALL children and youth will come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, ALL is the theme of this year’s Awana Ministry Conference (AMC) being held across the United States in several locations late this summer and early fall. You can learn more about the conference and find a location close to you by clicking here.


So the question becomes, if we want to reach ALL children? How do we do it? Does that just mean the children in our church? our club? our neighborhood?

We need to have a bigger focus. We need to have a global vision. After all, Jesus didn’t pay the price just for our neighborhood, He paid the price for the world. And though we may not individually be able to reach each and every person…. collectively, God can do amazing things through us. Awana began reaching the youth in their community and now Awana is reaching children and youth across the globe. We must not be stagnant, we must each move forward as God is moving to reach people before it is too late.

Below is a video released by Awana asking the question, How do we reach more children? Please take a few minutes to watch, then comment with ideas on how we might be able to reach more children to come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ through Awana.


Please share your thoughts below….


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