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Putting Patches on Cubbie and Sparks Vests

Now I do not sew, but I have heard that it can be difficult and tedious to sew the patches for Cubbies and Sparks on to the vests. I have heard of a company that makes adhesive sheets to place patches on uniforms. Designed for Scouts and other organizations, they have developed sheets for Cubbies and Sparks!!! The company is Badge Magic

Scroll down the page and on the left you will see a category for “Church Groups” and then under that you will see the links for the Cubbie and Sparks patches. If you use them, please leave a comment, or let me know how well they work (or not).

Updated: October 30, 2009 — 9:33 am

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  1. Hi Commander Bill,

    You are correct. Peel and stick adhesive for Sparks and Cubbies patches is available from Badge Magic. Put a patch on in just a few seconds without sewing. It’s totally washable and guaranteed not to come off until you want it to.

    Awana has decided to carry the products on their on-line store. The URL is a long one, You can go to the store and under Awana Clubs click on Cubbies or Sparks and look on the pages of “Extras”.


    David Herbig, President – Badge Magic

  2. I don’t sew or use Badge Magic, I just iron on the badges and they have stayed well. Here is my technique. I place the badge in the correct location and press with hot iron for about 15-20 seconds. This is usually enough for it to stick lightly. I then turn the vest over and iron from the back. This gets the heat closer to the adhesive. I have done all of my kids Awana badges this way and they have never come off.

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