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Can a Preschooler Believe in God?

I am often asked that question and people struggle with it everyday and so when I saw this book, it caught my attention.

I first became aware of this book back in December, shortly after it was published. I purchased it from Amazon but delayed reading because of events over the course of the next month or so in my life. I then saw an interview with the author which you can see by clicking here

Admittedly, I purchased the book reluctantly. The story of a young child talking about their experience in Heaven is intriguing, and then when I saw that his father was a pastor in a small town, I thought the child must be saying things he’d learned, or the father (author) had an agenda that they were trying to push. So I began reading the book with interest, but skeptically. 

As you begin the book, you quickly realize that this is a “typical” family of a bi-vocational pastor in a small town. Nothing special, just doing what families do. The author opens up and shares his “faults” and the struggles that the family went through during this time. He is rather transparent in the book.

As a children’s pastor, chapter 19 really caught my attention as Colton shares that Jesus REALLY loves the children. So what else do we learn from the book?

  • We cannot fully comprehend Heaven as we live on this Earth
  • Faith like a child is what we need. As adults we often over analyze things
  • God answers prayer
  • God cares about individuals
  • God strengthens us with the Holy Spirit, even if we don’t recognize it
  • There is a spiritual battle that is taking place
  • God provides through His people

When parents ask me what to look for if their is a genuine conversion, I tell them that there should be a change in the child’s life. I acknowledge that if the child is raised in a Christian home, learning about God, that it may not be as radical, or obvious as a child who grows up in a “non-Christian” home, but there should be a change. There should be a greater interest in the things of God in their actions and conversation. There was in this young man’s life, yet he was still a “kid”.

Whether you believe that this book is true or not falls upon you. I went in with a skeptical view, but I believe that what is recorded is true. I do not believe that the author has written the book for the increased revenue, but to share their experience with others. I believe that he just wants to let you nkow that Heaven IS for Real. I would encourage you to read and see for yourself.

You can purchase the book from Amazon: Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

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  1. That is an amazing story, I watched the video and do want to read the book now. What a great encouragement for all of us. We so often live for today and forget this is truly a temporary place. Last night I went to the hospital to spend some time with a family that would be shutting down the life support machines and saying goodbye to a loved one. It was an amazing time of reminding them that Jesus is preparing a place for us and that really we should only say, “see ya later” not Goodbye.
    I will be picking this book up and adding it to my must read pile!

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