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Can Science Teach the Gospel?


This is one of the hardest blog posts that I have written. First of all, I am looking at VBS curriculum and I am not a VBS “fan”. But more importantly, how do I get people to read this without making the title obvious “click-bait” in order to share how impressed I was with what I saw?

While I am not a fan of VBS, what I am a fan of is connecting children to the Gospel with things that interest them. One thing that fascinates children (and adults) is science, chemistry to be specific as they see amazing chemical reactions.

Enter Josh Denhart and Kidmin Science. I met Josh a few years ago at the Children’s Pastors’ Conference and immediately saw his heart to reach children with the Gospel. Josh is gifted in using science to share the Gospel. He has a BA in Chemistry education and has the heart of a pastor. This year he is releasing his 3rd Science VBS.

I took a look at his “Basic Elements” VBS materials. The material is all downloadable, though you can purchase a DVD of all the videos if you choose.

He provides all the information you need to run an effective VBS. In the information, he provides several places where you can purchase the items required to perform the experiments (as of this post, he does not personally offer the materials for the experiments). To see how effective the experiments work in holding the attention of those listening, I tried the “Are you Covered?” science devotional. Basically you have regular sand and red hydrophobic sand (it does not absorb water). The red sand symbolically shows an individual covered in the blood of Jesus so at the judgement seat, our sins do not “stick” to us. As I went through the lesson and had sand at each table so they could have a hands-on experience, the hydrophobic sand intrigued them which made a great visual of the lesson which will stick with them for a while.

I was so impressed, that I have gotten items to do other science devotionals included in the VBS material.

In each VBS kit, the Gospel is presented daily, not just one day of the week and it is presented several times each day in different segments of the VBS. This insures that every child who attends the VBS at anytime during the week hears the Gospel. Crafts also involve science allowing them to share the lessons they learned with family and friends in a fun, engaging way.

If I was organizing a VBS, I would look at the Kidmin Science VBS materials. If you are not organizing a VBS, then still look at the material to see how you can use the science devotionals and crafts in other aspects of your ministry.

I also encourage you to take a look at the Amazing Chemistry Show. “The Amazing Chemistry Show is a 32-foot stage production filled with fire, explosions and foam, all set to music. With audience involvement, laughter and fun, the message of Jesus Christ is clearly communicated using powerful illustrations.”

Please check out Kidmin Science. It is a great way to engage children, and adults, with the eternal message of the Gospel.



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