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Can You Hear Me Now?

When most of us hear this phrase, we probably think of a commercial for a wireless phone company talking about how well you can communicate via their network.

So how is your network in your ministry. If you are a commander, then do you hear those serving under you, or are they walking around saying, “Can you hear me now?” Do they know that their input is valued, or do they feel like they are talking to the wall? Do you take the initiative to get to know them, or is it like they need to ask permission before coming before the “king” (or “queen”).

In my full-time job (not my ministry), I know that management does not hear the average worker. What is really sad about that is that it is a small company with about a dozen employees. So we end up “playing games” so it becomes the boss’ idea, or what we do far to often is to do things on days he is not in the office and then listen to him rant for a few moments. In fact during one meeting when we were slow and management was looking for ideas, the following statement was made, “Opinions are like butts (another word was used), everyone has one and they all stink” and then they asked for input. That is not the way to do business, and not the way to do ministry.

Build relationships with those serving with you. Value them and value their input. Not everything can be implemented, but if they know you care, they will care more about serving alongside of you.

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