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Is Commander Bill an Awana Missionary?

Some may wonder if I (Commander Bill) am an Awana Missionary. The short answer is “no”. I am not a faith supported missionary for Awana as one would think. I am often asked by some missionaries, Awana staff, and others about being an Awana missionary. Yes, I do have an answer for them that I will share later. Various people have differing views about whether or not “Commander Bill” should be an Awana Missionary and so I thought I would open up to “public debate” that discussion.

Okay, okay, I know that we all want to answer God’s call and we should be serving where God has called us. There is no debate there. I am currently serving as the Associate Pastor of Children and Youth at my church (bi-vocationally) and I believe that is where God would have me serve currently, but one must also look at doors that God may be opening at various times.

So, having said that… please feel free to participate in this poll and add any comments you wish. I am curious as to what people are thinking 🙂


Updated: August 19, 2010 — 9:49 am

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  1. I think Bill would be a great part time missionary only if he could fincailly could quit his secular job and continue as a Children/Youth pastor also.
    An Awana misisonary does not spend a lot of time working with children and Bill loves ministering to kids.
    As a fulltime missionary he would not be able to continue his web site which is very needed and very helpful to Awana Leaders.

  2. Mrs. Commander Bill probably has an opinion on this topic, too.

  3. Hi! I believe Bill is doing a great job. I do believe we want to put a tag on people and say this is your job. I believe in truth that he is a minister of the gospel and wants to help us. I do think that he loves children, like me, but working with the ministers, the adults and fund raising, might not be Bills gift. I think Bill would be great working with us adults but an Awana missionary spends alot of their time raising support and I do believe he can be used best in the field where he is close to the children.

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