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CBS & 2-1/2 Men

Another interesting development in entertainment news this week. It seems that CBS has canceled their hit show Two and a Half Men starring Charlie Sheen.

One can only ask why? Allegedly it was because of comments the actor made and his lifestyle, but it seems that his real life paralleled his TV persona pretty close, except for the drug use, but then one could argue that alcohol is a drug.

So is it acceptable to play a role on TV, but inappropriate to actually live a life that way? What is the network saying about morals (assuming they exist anymore in media)?

What message are we sending our children when we expect “squeaky clean” people to play roles of unacceptable behavior?

Is it okay for a Christian to hold roles like that in a play, or performance? After all, it’s not real life, right? And we can compartmentalize that so as not to harm our Christian witness, right?

I believe that shows like this and the acceptable deceitful behavior on some reality shows sends the message to our children and youth that it is okay and acceptable to separate one’s “life” from their faith in that manner. Where have we gone wrong, and how can we reverse this trend?

We need to transform our minds, not conform to this world (Romans 12:2). That’s not always easy, but CBS has proven that behavior on a TV show is acceptable, but practice that in real life and it gets you fired. So let our lives be examples of Christ, even on TV. Don’t compromise, don’t conform, just live for Him.


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