Insight from a Children's Pastor & Awana Commander

Children’s Ministry in the Middle East – Egypt (Raw Notes)


CMConference Breakout ~ Ragaee Daniel


Areas in Egypt where there are churches, the churches have programs for children. Where there is no church, the children have nothing. They began to train leaders to storytelling and reach out to these children who have no church.

They plan to hold a conference every couple of years to teach children’s workers.

They plan 1 leader for every 10 children when the hold day long evangelistic events with games, drama and a chance to know Jesus.

After the event, they hold a children’s club weekly as follow-up and to share Jesus,

The faith of a child….. they are not concerned with threats or danger of knowing Jesus, they simply believe.



  • Protection for leaders and children in MuMuslim villages
  • Opening the ministry for needy villages
  • Build support
  • Health and safe travelling
  • That the children who accepted the Lord will continue to grow


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