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There was so much shared at the conference that I could post on it for about a month, but instead, I’ll summarize each of the three focuses for the conference. The three focuses were develop, lead and disciple. Today I am talking about develop.

The various speakers covered many things. What I took away from the first session was that as leaders we need to be loyal to our leaders. We need to carry their vision and not promote our vision. Our vision should fall in line with their vision. If we are not following our leaders, then why should people follow us?

In leadership, we also need to keep our edge which was demonstrated with knives on the platform. How iron sharpens iron was clearly presented and how we need people in our lives to help us stay sharp, and those people need to have the proper focus (angle) to sharpen, otherwise the dull our edge. When the edge is dull, things are harder to do and we are not effective.

Ultimately, we need to be focused on Jesus. We need to be sure to take time for Him and develop that relationship. We need to know when God is speaking to us and He does so through His Word.

I know that as I work a full-time job with a long commute, care for the household, and serve in the local ministry as well as others, that there are times it seems I may put God on the back burner as I lead His ministry. I need to be intentional about growing closer to Him because when I do things on my own, I get worn out physically, mentally and spiritually. When those times come, I need to slow down (stop) and regain my focus. After all, if I am not developing my own relationship with Jesus, how can I lead others to do so?

How about you, in your busy schedule, what do you do to be intentional about spending time in the Word and resting in Him?



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