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CMConference: Advance


The last evening of the CMConference by CMConnect Global the focus was on ADVANCE

A connected group of people, passionate about a common goal, has a unique opportunity to create influence. Together, we can advance God’s Kingdom. Together, we can be one Church, advancing one message… Jesus.

rhino-icon-advanceThe rhino is used to symbolize advance because a rhino cannot go backwards, it only moves forward. Very little gets in the way of the rhino, partly because the rhino has very poor vision and does not see everything in front of him. It moves on faith. It see something in front of it and heads for it. Likewise, as we seek to advance the Kingdom of God, we need to step outside the walls of our church and not allow obstacles to get in our way, moving forward on faith, headed for the target.

There is also a logo of a rhino on a skateboard. Nothing is going to stop it.


That image was partially inspired by a PSA from Australia for the trams which run in the streets warning people to watch for them as they travel in the streets. Here is that PSA…

So now that we understand where the rhino image came from, let us look at what was shared tonight to help us see how we can ADVANCE the Kingdom of God.

The first speaker was Jeffrey Reed, Director of Lifeway. He shared that God doesn’t always tell us where to go, He asks us where we are. Genesis 3:9, God asks, Where are you? He is asking that of you today. He seeks to use us where we are to advance the Kingdom.

Things we must do in order to advance the Kingdom.

Understand your culture

If you do not know, or understand, the community around you, you will never relate to them. You will never reach them.

The Gospel is good news, but good news must exist with bad news. We must share the Good News with those experiencing the bad news. The culture is broken.

Confirm/Affirm Your Mission

Do you know your mission? Is it in line with the overall mission of the church? Our mission, as children’s ministry leaders, is to reach children for Jesus. Champion the cause of reaching kids for Christ and never forget that mission, never lose that focus.

Many ask, “does my church have a mission?”, when they should be asking, “does God’s mission have my church?”

Develop Your Strategy

The strategy is the plan and process for how you achieve the mission. Components of the strategy should include outreach, discipleship, one on one interaction and more. IN all ways, you need a partnership with the family. Here is how you evaluate your strategy, ask:

When kids leave my ministry, are they equipped to…

  • articulate their faith?
  • navigate the Bible?
  • evangelize their friends?

Launch Families

Nehemiah had families working together, he launched families to serve together. We need to launch families to advance the Kingdom.

Unite with Others

Attend conferences, network with others, strengthen one another, unite with others in the mission of advancing the Gospel. Let us remember why we do what we do.

Michael Chanley interviewed people who are advancing the Kingdom around the world.

Luz Figuero (Founder and Director of Entre Ninos)

MINISTRY AMONG CHILDREN exists to train, motivate, provide resources, and connect to all who are actually found AMONG CHILDREN.

Their mission is to provide a ministry for leaders of children, parents and educators totally focused on Christ, creative, innovative and educational. Help boost the Ministries of Children who are making a difference within the Hispanic churches.


Tony Weeder (Africa Desk, Advancing Native Missions)

They need help translating materials. They have the troops, the need “weapons”. They already have “boots on the ground”, they need a supply line.

They work with so little to do great things for God. We don’t need a lot of material things to advance the Kingdom. America is rich is talent, education and materials, but often poor in Spirit. In Africa, they are poor in material things, but rich in Spirit. They know the potential cost of being a Christian, and it is not economic. In the U.S., we are worried about “political correctness, they are worried about their lives.


Ragaee Danial (Middle East Director, CMConnect Global)

(See my notes from his breakout session)


People are advancing the Kingdom all over the globe. CMConnect Global is doing what they can to support those who are reaching children according to Acts 1:8, locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Won’t you join CMConnect Global in helping to ADVANCE the Kingdom?

Stay focused on GOD’s mission for YOUR life? Never forget why you do what you do.


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