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Cyber Monday – Is it still relevant?

If you are like me, your inbox over the last few days has been full of Black Friday and Cyber Monday messages from various stores and ministries. As i listen to the media talk about Cyber Monday, I wonder if it is still relevant.

Cyber Monday began several years ago as people had dial-up or no internet connection at home with high speed access at work, making it easier, and quicker to order items on-line at work than at home. This is some what maintained by the sales offered by businesses (I include ministries in that as well), but is it really relevant today?

Many people have high speed internet at home and so it is not often a benefit to purchase at work. Late Thursday night, I ordered an item on-line and picked it up at the store on Friday. Very convenient. The store also had a stack of other orders that had been placed on-line and those that follow the trends note that many purchase on-line on Thanksgiving Day and beyond.

So, Cyber Monday is not the phenomena it once was years ago as technology has advanced.

Now look at your ministry. Is it still relevant today, or has technology passed it by and left it irrelevant? I’m not saying that you need to have the latest and greatest (unless that is the culture of the children and families in your ministry), but you should be keeping up with technology as those in your ministry are keeping up with it, maybe even a little bit ahead of them. Keep your ministry relevant to those you are reaching.


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