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God’s Path, God’s Timing & Our Impatience

I recently took a trip where I was unfamiliar with my surroundings. We stopped at a local restaurant for dinner and afterward we began to head back to the hotel. I knew that as I approached the intersection that I needed to make a left to get to the hotel. I sat there at the stop sign watching traffic coming from the left and from the right, waiting for an opening to make the turn.


Even though I knew I should wait for an opening to make the left, I got impatient. I opted to alter my course and make a right to proceed to a traffic light further down the road where I could make a left, turn around, and proceed on my proper course.

As I made my way to the left turn lane, I noticed a sign for Hollywood Casino. I thought that this was a street next to the casino, but as I made the left, looking for a place to turn around, the only option I had was to enter the parking garage of the casino. That was not my intended destination, my detour had led me astray. I was able to drive through the casino parking garage and make my way out, back to my proper path.

This little adventure reminded me how we often are at a crossroads, or a place where we want to move, but we have to wait. We want it in our timing, but God may have us wait longer than we want. When we get tired of waiting for God, we often try to make our own path trying to get to where God wants us to be. When we do that, we can find ourselves in unfamiliar territory and it may lead us into places that we did not intend to go.

How about you? Are you waiting for God’s timing, or have you taken a different path to try to expedite what God has for you?


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