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Guide – T&T Book 1 for Parents – A Review


Guide is in essence identical to the Bible BASED leader which follows along T&T Book 1. The content is the same, the book has been revised to be more appealing to parents as opposed to leaders, though it is good for both to use.

This is the third revision to the Bible BASED Leader (now called GUIDE) since its inception a few years ago. The differences in the revisions have mainly been in the appearance and most recently the target audience. The other difference is how it references the credit for the Rorheim Insitute received.

This is the latest attempt by Awana to work with parents and to get them involved in their child’s discipleship.  The subsequent books will be going through a similar revision over the next several years.

I have not inquired and do not know if the new name of this book will have any impact on, or reflects, the change coming in the T&T program and the pending renaming of Book 3 & 4 or if they will rename Books 1 & 2.

If you have not yet purchased the Bible BASED Leader, then I strongly encourage you to get the Guide – T&T Book 1 for Parents.

If you have already worked through the book, let us know your thoughts about it.

Updated: October 14, 2009 — 6:22 pm

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