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Guilt is not a Discipleship Tool


guiltUnfortunately, sometimes parents and kidmin leaders aren’t sure how to teach children about global issues, and fall back on telling them how bad people in other countries have it.  It’s especially easy to fall back to this tactic when kids get too self-focused.

While it’s certainly true that our kids enjoy a high standard of living when compared to the rest of the world, how you deliver truth matters. Genesis begins by introducing us to a loving Creator rather than jumping right into “in the beginning, you were a pretty terrible sinner.”

This year for Missions Month, Awana wants to help clubs understand how God is doing so much MORE than we could ask or imagine.

To help your clubbers connect, Awana is providing two themes with everything you need for one of the best club nights of the year! Not only will your clubbers have a great time, but they will also be inspired to help reach kids around the world with the Gospel by participating in GO.

Check out the themes at, and download everything you need for one (or even two!) unforgettable Missions Month nights!


(Guest Blogger Chris Dunrud, Club Outreach Manager for Awana)


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