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Happy New Year!…. I Quit

A new year is upon us. There is a lot of optimism, a lot of hope, and a time when people begin to contemplate returning for the next ministry season.

You may have just given them a nice gift of appreciation for Christmas and think all is well, but in reality, the next few months will determine if they return in the fall. Your volunteers will make their decision soon. Are you ready for their decision?

Even the most seasoned, most committed leaders will evaluate their role in ministry during this time. We should all be seeking God for His will  and where we should be serving in the upcoming ministry season.

The reality, it may not be God telling them to stay or to go. There are many reasons why many will step away from, or stay with ministry. I will look at those in upcoming posts.

The season of peace and good will toward men is over. The season of cold days, and nights, in the northern hemisphere is upon us. The middle of the year when many may get discouraged.

I want to encourage you to stay focused on the mission. To remember why you are currently serving (and I hope it is not out of guilt or obligation). If you are a children’s pastor, ministry director, commander, etc who are leading other volunteers, encourage those serving with you, keep the passion and share the vision.

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