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Have I Failed?

That is a question we often ask ourselves in one form or another. We question whether what we are doing is effective or not and if we should continue. Yes, even I have those questions.

Those questions usually come when I begin to look at other ministries, or web sites. I often wonder if is a “success” because it doesn’t generate the same traffic as other sites and it seems when I try to do things to help it “pay for itself” (i.e. like the ad spaces), there generally is little interest.

As of this post, here are basic stats:

While I look at the stats, I can evaluate them a couple of ways. First, I can compare to others and say that it is not worth the cost and time to continue, or I can say “WOW!”, there are 890 people that I am helping in their Awana ministry. I generally am in awe and humbled that people would want to follow “Commander Bill”.

I realize that I will never be a “major player” in the children’s ministry arena and that is fine. You see, I have a really hard time “self-promoting” myself, the web site, etc. The majority of the numbers that you see above are from word of mouth or web searches. The other “major players” also have staffs of paid and/or volunteers working on updates, etc, whereas I do not. I’m just trying to network people serving in Awana, and provide resources, to benefit all of our ministries. Yes, I have tried those shameless plugs, “retweet this” or “post a comment on my FB Page” for a chance to win in order to try to increase numbers, which would entice advertisers, etc. – but I’ve decided that I am not going to do that to try to inflate numbers. I did not start to make a profit, and I don’t want profit, or “market share” to become a priority – the purpose of the site is to help YOU!

Yes, I often feel as if I’m not updating the site as I should and I wish I could do more. I feel the same way in my local ministry, but there isn’t enough time to do all the things I would like to do.

So now look at your ministry… do you compare it to others and feel inadequate? Do you feel like a failure compared to others?

I encourage you to stop looking at others, and look at where God is leading you and who you are reaching. Be humbled that God has entrusted you to teach them about Him.

I always say that children’s ministry and web sites are similar in that you may never know the results of your effort unless someone takes the time to share the impact you’ve had on them personally.

Don’t grow weary in well-doing, God is there with you, guiding you as you allow.

Updated: March 9, 2011 — 7:53 am

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  1. Commander Bill, I have been coming to your site off and on since 2004, as a leader , then co-commander, then a leader again and now as a co-commander again!
    Your info, updates, downloads and everything have always been an inspiration and encouragement to me!!
    Sadly, I DO compare myself with previous leaders or commanders and think I can never live up to who they are or what they did. But I know that is a LIE and Gd made ME to be ME. I may not have gifts others have but I have the gifts GOD game ME!

  2. I thank you for your honesty. It’s too easy to say that focusing on promoting yourself will help others by sharing God’s word to you or saying that you don’t care how many followers you have. I find hearing about others’ struggles encourages me to continue trying to conquer my own.

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