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I Drank Manure Water!

While at CPC17, I saw some great opportunities for children to be involved in ministry to help other children and families around the world.  A great opportunity for VBS offerings or any opportunity to allow children to give.

The first one caught my eye as I walked around the resource center. There was a sign encouraging us to drink manure water. That’s right, Manure Water!!!! This is a picture of me taking a drink from the bucket.

In most parts of the United States we do not think about water. We turn on the tap, and there is clean water. That is not the case in many parts of the world and because of contamination of the water used, many children die each day. Filter of Hope is an organization that has developed a filter that can clean the water, giving people water they can use to drink, clean, and care for themselves. Through Filter of Hope, for just $40, you can provide clean water to a family in need and give them hope and give them life. The water I drank was directly from the bucket, filtered through one of their filters. It was clear, clean, and very drinkable.

I encourage you take a moment and watch this video about Filter of Hope and their mission, their vision, and how you can help….

The second opportunity that caught my eye was one called Dri-Butts.

You may have heard of people taking mission trips to build latrines (restrooms) in areas in need. That takes care of the need for adults, but what about young children. Once again, unlike the United States, many areas do not have diapers for their young children. Consequently, young children defecate throughout the living space of everyone which can cause disease and death. Dri-Butts has developed a diaper that they can give to these families, educate them on how to use them and help eliminate the contamination of the area, and the water. For $35, you can provide (2) diapers for a child which will last them until they no longer require a diaper. I encourage you to take a look at their video to learn more…


In case you were wondering, as I spoke to the people about Dri-Butts, they stated that there are times that they work with Filter of Hope to help a community. I encourage you to look at these opportunities to get the children in your ministry involved with helping other children.


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