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I Have One Week to Live!

What would you do if you knew that you only had one week to live? Would your friends stand by your side, or would they leave in mass?

Jesus entered Jerusalem being praised and He quickly cleansed the temple. He taught the disciples about many things trying to get as much information to them to share as possible. He knew that by the end of the  week, that He would be crucified.

We do not know the day, nor the hour that we will pass from this world. If you have an illness, you may be given a rough estimate, but no man knows for sure and so we do not always have the urgency that Jesus had in that last week. We often are motivated by deadlines and feel the pressure of time as the deadline approaches.

This week between Palm Sunday and Easter, several Awana clubs do not meet. In this “off week”, do you still have the same urgency to reach children for Christ, for learning His Word, or has that been put on the side because there is no club this week?

Have we welcomed Jesus on Sunday only to lose focus on Him because filling Easter baskets, hiding eggs, or baking that ham are taking a higher priority. Are we “killing” Jesus to focus on the Easter Bunny?

What would you be doing if you knew that this was your last week to live?

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