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Investing in People

Serving God is a people business. We strive to meet people’s needs and help lead them to Jesus.

There are times when we struggle and we look for fresh ideas to enhance our ministries, or we feel like we are burning out and can use someone to “vent” to and have pray for us. All to often in ministry we try to go it alone. We think that we need to have all of the answers and that simply is not the case. We all struggle at times in ministry.

That is one of the things, I think, that sets Awana out from the rest of Children’s ministries, the Awana missionary and their ministry team. They are there to support your club. A local team that understands the unique cultural aspects of your area as well as what is happening in other parts of the country. They are a valuable resource that is often under utilized.

Normally on Mondays I will shine a “spotlight” on one of the missionaries to help you get to know them a little better and one of the questions I usually ask is “How can we pray for you?” If you’ve read those interviews regularly, you will notice that almost always financial and prayer support are mentioned. Awana missionaries are faith supported. That means the funds available for their day to day expenses as well as expenses for the ministry come from YOU! If they do not receive financial support from people, then they cannot stay on the field! That support for your ministry will be gone, and if you enjoy the AwanaGames, Bible Quizzing and other regional events; they may disappear as well. 

So is the Awana missionary becoming extinct? I don’t think so, but they can use your support. Please consider investing in the Awana ministry by supporting your local missionary financially (invest in them and encourage them) and if you want to have a personal impact in your region, ask your local Awana missionary how you can serve on their ministry team.

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