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Jumping the Track – A Book Review

I lurk around the “kidmin” (children’s ministry) world. I follow several on Twitter and read several blogs, which I reference in my newsletter when I send that out. Consequently I am usually aware of conferences and books that are released.  I may communicate with some of these “kidmin” people, though I may have never met them face to face.

Roger Fields is one of these people. I knew that he was working on a book and that I wanted to read it when completed. I have never met Roger personally, though I have been in the same building with him. I attended the first Children’s Ministry Expo that he organized in Lexington, KY a couple of years ago and it was a first-class operation.

I received my signed copy a few weeks ago. Okay, don’t go all “ooo and aahhh” over the signed copy. I got that because I was one of the first ones to order it, not because Roger and I are tight. I actually ordered it before I knew he was signing the first “x” number of copies.

Anyway, back to the book. It is a kind of an autobiography, Roger shares how God led him on the path he has taken in serving the Lord. I appreciate his openness in the book and acknowledgement that the path he took, jumping tracks, may not be for everyone. I must admit that I am always leery of “ministries” that seem to focus on all fun and wonder how much they really share the Gospel and make disciples of children. I thought that of KidBlitz Live. Of course all of that was based on never having seen a KidzBlitz Live event and knowing very little about it.

In the book, you see Roger’s heart for serving God and his desire to reach kids for Jesus. He doesn’t take it lightly. As I read the book, I could connect on many levels with Roger and the path he has taken. No, I have not jumped tracks as drastically as he has, but there have been some jumps and experiences that I can personally relate to and in his story, I know that if you serve in children’s ministry, you will as well.

This is a great book and one that will get you thinking about “jumping tracks”. I would recommend it to anyone who asked.

I hope to meet Roger one day soon and also to experience a KidzBlitz event.

You can order Jumping the Track from or visit the Jumping the Track website, buy the book and share your story.



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  1. Thank you, Commander Bill. I appreciate your review and kind words. I want to meet you someday.

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