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Learning from Others

Is the way you do things in your club, or ministry, the right way, or only way to do things? Is there a better, or just different way to do something?

This time of year is great to evaluate the previous year’s ministry, what worked well, what can be tweaked, etc. As you evaluate, what are you gauging it against?

We can hear what people do by attending conference, or participating on the Awana Forums or on Have you ever thought of going to observe another club, their closing, or event? Seeing it in action can be enlightening as you witness it from the position of a spectator. So often we are involved in ther planning and running of club night and events that we may forget how it looks to the spectator, or participant.

This year I had the privilege to do so. I have been involved in organizing and/or running regional Bible Quizzing and AwanaGames. The regional missionaries and a ministry team member ventured into another missionary’s territory just to observe and see how the other region ran quizzing. I was personally able to “sneak in” to an AwanaGames/Sparks-a-Rama event in our region and was able to see it from a spectator perspective. This evening, I will be observing another Awana club’s closing program. All of this let’s one sit back and enjoy an event instead of the stress that can be associated with planning and running it. Through observation, we can learn that we are doing well, that maybe we can tweak, or just get a new idea. It gives us a different perspective.

Just like no ministry in a church should be isolated, there are thousands of Awana clubs in the U.S. –  what if we all worked together, learned from one another and shared? Imagine the impact!

So don’t go it alone, be willing to share what you do and learn from others. Go relax and observe what others are doing, invest that time in your club by observing and learning from others. Working together for His Kingdom, amazing things can be done.

What are you doing to “tweak” your club?

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