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Ministry Problems – Ask, Is it Plugged in?

People often contact me and ask me tech questions when their electronics begin to have issues. Have you noticed that often one of the first questions that a tech person asks is, “is it plugged in?” It seems so simple, yet so often it is the item that solves the issue. Here are some examples I have personally experienced.

unpluggedAn individual had gotten a desktop computer and was concerned because their speakers were not working. I asked if the speakers were plugged in and if they were plugged in to the correct place. They assured me that they were connected properly. I drove out to their place and I had the issue resolved in a matter of seconds. The speaker jack was plugged into the wrong connector! By placing the plug into the correct jack, the issue was solved.

Recently someone asked me why a TV wasn’t working. I asked the obvious question, “is it plugged in?” They checked the connection in the wall where the plug was and all appeared well. I solved the issue when I checked the connection at the TV itself and found the plug lose, not properly plugged in. Yes, it wasn’t plugged in.

People always wonder why it is usually the first question asked when there is an issue with technology. It is because it frequently is the issue. I have noticed that in ministry, it is often asked last, or never asked, when ministries have issues.

When you face ministry issues, ask yourself, am I plugged in?

  • Are you connected to God? (John 15)
    • are you in the Word and not just for preparing your lesson?
    • are you talking to God, praying, regularly?
  • Are you connected to the kids?
    • do you know what their interests are?
    • do you know what is going on in their lives?
    • do you know how to connect to them where they are and what they are experiencing?

It may seem like a simple question, but it often solves the problem. So tell me, are you plugged in?


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  1. A simple illustration for making you think, thank you!

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